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Ovia is the most loved platform for expecting and new parents. Our community is looking for brands they can trust to help them navigate their reproductive health and paths through parenthood. Let us tell your brand’s story to millions of new & expecting parents.

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our purpose is to make a healthy, happy family possible for everyone.

What we do

Ovia’s mobile apps use machine learning, clinical evidence, and empathy to help each person gain the resources and confidence to achieve their health and parenting goals

Who we serve

Ovia is proud to take part in millions of people’s journeys to and through parenthood with apps for every stage of the journey — from preconception through pregnancy and parenthood

Why we exist

We believe every person deserves daily support, equitable care, and a healthy, happy family

Ovia is every family’s best friend

The Ovia community is engaged throughout the parenthood journey, tracking their health indicators, reading thousands of articles, and connecting with each other every day:

  • 2+ engagements per daily active member
  • Spend 30 min each month with Ovia
  • 4.9/5 star rating
  • 95% consider Ovia Health a trusted source of product information

full-service solutions, meaningful brand experiences

Our in-house creative and account management teams work closely with your brand to build custom programs and campaigns that align with your objectives and drive results.

Branded editorial, quizzes, and infographics

Engaging, interactive content that shows how your brand meets the evolving needs of modern parents

In-stream video, high-impact, and display

High impact units that drive early brand discovery and spark engagement

Dedicated emails and social media

Promotions and sponsorships that build brand awareness and love

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