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evidence-based family health, better clinical outcomes

Backed by 10+ years of claims data demonstrating reductions in costly adverse outcomes.

Lower your costs

prevention and management programs for every family

Backed by science and powered by advanced analytics, Ovia provides clinically validated, personalized support to families whenever they need it, wherever they are in their parenting journey. A complete suite of services for the entire family care continuum:

  • Fertility and family building
  • Maternity
  • Women’s health
  • Children’s health
  • LGBTQ+ parents
  • Behavioral health
  • Social determinants of health

early identification, early intervention

Dynamic health assessments and predictive analytics enable digital and human interventions to navigate members to the right care

Personalized pathways for every family

Clinical programs customized for each family and designed to prevent adverse outcomes at every stage of the journey

Personal health tracking and interventions

Digital symptom tracking, dynamic assessments, risk identification, and navigation to case management and care

Risk escalation to your care management teams

Daily support to all members, plus advanced analytics to escalate high risk cases to your care management teams for a connected and coordinated experience

enhance the impact of your maternity care management program

Identify risk early with data-driven programs

Clinical algorithms continuously evaluate 70+ high risk triggers well in advance of claims identification

Support the success of case management action plans

Ongoing outreach ensures members understand and follow-through with health plan-directed interventions

offer your members a personalized health experience they will love

18+ million family journeys

30+ interactions per member each month

99% member satisfaction

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