OviaU 🎓 Welcoming your little one to the nest — Part 1: Preparing the nursery

When the nesting instinct kicks into gear, it can send you into a flurry of tidying, purchasing, and decorating — just like a mother bird building a safe space for her eggs. This series will explore ways to prepare a cozy place to welcome your baby. In part one, we’ll walk through the elements that help make a nursery feel safe, snug, and serene. 

Deciding on design

Your nursery’s style will be a unique reflection of you and your little one. While the sky is the limit, it can help to begin with a theme and color palette. Are you going for an elegant, whimsical, or minimal approach? Will you use color as an accent or primary, and do you prefer pastels or brights? Lastly, every well-designed room needs a focal point, and in the nursery, there’s no better centerpiece than the crib. 

With its unique oval shape, the Stokke® Sleepi™ creates an eye-pleasing addition to any nursery — and a safe and cozy nest for your baby. The small footprint makes it an excellent option for tight spaces or nurseries with twins. It’s made from durable solid beech wood and comes in three soothing neutral colors, with optional textiles and accessories to complete the look. Maybe you’ll choose an all-white crib with a dreamy canopy in mist, or perhaps a natural finish is more your style. 

Baby furniture basics

Some other furniture items you might consider are a changing table, diaper pail, rocking chair, and dresser. By no means do you need to have all these things, but you may find they lend ease during the early months. Buying nursery furniture is an investment, but if you choose items that can grow with your child, you’ll be able to enjoy your purchases for years to come. The Stokke® Sleepi™, for example, evolves from mini to bed and can grow with your baby from birth to three years. And with the additional extension kit, your child can sleep soundly in their Sleepi™ until the age of ten.

The nesting phase is a beautiful time. After all, it’s a word we associate with comfort, love, safety, and care. We think — for us humans anyway  — there’s nothing more nest-like than the Stokke® Sleepi™. Tap below to learn more about the benefits of adding a Sleepi™ to your nursery. In part two, we’ll explore making your baby’s first days at home as cozy as possible. 

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