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Find a healthcare provider that really gets you

When you’re looking for a healthcare provider, there are, of course, some ways in which you may be limited in your choices. Insurance, cost, and location will factor into who you decide to work with. But even within these limitations, there’s still a lot you can do — and certain traits that you can look for in a provider — to ensure that you’re partnered with a healthcare provider who really gets you. 

You deserve to work with a provider who offers you respectful, thoughtful, and relevant care — a provider who really listens to you, who is honest with you and explains things plainly, and who welcomes all of your questions. Personalized care is important too. This means a provider understands your unique needs and wishes, hears your concerns, helps you understand what’s happening with your health and all your care options, and empowers you to feel in control of your body and your care.

The culture that we come from defines so many aspects of our lives, so it can also be meaningful to work with a provider within your own cultural community who really recognizes where you’re coming from. In practice, this might mean working with a care provider who understands your religion, or grew up in your community, or who shares your background. For example, Black midwifery groups and other such community health groups exist to provide just this sort of care. Care that’s personalized in this way — where you feel like your provider really gets you, understands where you’re coming from, and allows you to feel truly comfortable — can be incredibly meaningful. 

Working with care providers who really understand you, and who help you feel understood, is invaluable. It can lead to better outcomes, help you feel more satisfied with your care, and empower you to feel agency over your body and your care. And you deserve that.

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