Woman in bed trying to increase her deep sleep by reading and drinking tea.

Bedtime goodies that may help you boost that deep sleep already

No product out there can magically help you catch up on lost sleep or get seven hours of shut-eye when you’re only in bed for five. But there are methods and items that can help.

How to increase that deep sleep you’ve been missing

If you’re lacking in the sleep department and wondering how to increase or get back to more routine ‘deep sleep’, we’ve got you covered. Here are some goodies that may be able to help you get to sleep with a bit more ease, and wake up a bit more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, especially if you pair them with some healthy sleep habits and a bedtime routine that sets you up for slumber success. Try a few of these to catch a few more zzzs.

Goodies to help you block it all out

  • A sleep mask will keep the light from interrupting your rest, even if you’re napping during the day.
  • Pop in some ear plugs for truly silent slumber. (As long as you’re not a parent who’s on listening-for-your-baby-on-the-monitor duty, that is.)
  • A white noise machine can help you get in the mood for zzzs and block out extra noise. (And parents, fear not. You’ll still hear your baby.)
  • Blackout curtains to keep the sunshine out – at least until you’re ready to let it in.

Goodies to help you build soothing (and beautifully scented) bedtime rituals

  • A cup of caffeine-free herbal tea is a great way to start slowing down at bedtime.
  • This rich body lotion with almond oil, lavender, and tonka can help you wind down as you moisturize before bed.
  • A pillow spray with scents of lavender, vetivert, and chamomile will help your nose know that dreamland is right around the corner.
  • This relaxing aromatic balm made of bergamot, rosemary, and lavender can also soothe your senses before sleep.

Goodies to help your body get calm and cozy

  • Sateen cotton sheets feel silky against your skin, and should help you stay not too hot, not too cool, but just right as you snooze.
  • A weighted blanket to help you feel safe, snug, and super relaxed.
  • This memory foam contoured pillow supports your neck and can be especially good for back and side sleepers.
  • For real luxury, try a silk pillow case that’s smooth and soft against your skin and hair.

If you pair these goodies paired with other healthy sleep habits, you’ll be feeling more well rested in no time!

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