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Decreased sex drive during pregnancy

A decrease in libido, or sex drive, is a very common symptom during pregnancy.

What causes it?

There are many possible explanations for what is causing a decrease in sex drive during pregnancy, all of which are very normal. Although people often associate hormone fluctuations with a roaring libido, the opposite may also be true. The body can have varying reactions to changing hormone levels, and a decreased sex drive is very much one of them. And depending on the symptoms and stage of pregnancy, you may simply not feel like having sex. All of this is perfectly normal.


As with most hormone-related effects, it can be difficult to reignite a decreased libido. Many people are not as sexually active while they are carrying babies as they were before, or will be after. However, if you’re looking to kick things back up a notch, you know what you like, so try it solo or communicate it to your partner!

Reviewed by Dr. Jamie Lo

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